About Teri McLean

1980: I was born

1989: We moved to Villa Park, California to a house with 9 fruit trees, including 4 Avocado trees. I started my first business and sold Avocadoes on the corner 4/$1. 

1990: Now 10 years old and getting pretty good on the computer, I decided to make my own fliers in Word and deliver them door to door in my neighborhood offering Avocado delivery service on my bike. 4/$1 + $1 delivery charge. Most people tipped and I raked in the dough. This is the year I also started volunteering on Sunday’s at our Veterinarian’s office because at the time I wanted to be a Vet. 

1994: Was in a Power Ranger’s Karate Training Video I know this seems random but actually my grandfather was the amazing actor and comedian, Foster Brooks.

1995: Got an actual paying job working at our Veterinarian’s office.

1996: Still working at the Vet clinic, I took a second job working at 5 7 9, a clothing store. 

1998: Started my own business doing transcription for businesses and individuals. I made my own fliers (again) put them up at campuses and business center bulletin boards. I also started with my first network marketing company, a long-distance company, and I got a job at Nordstrom’s. I was also a full-time student in college.

1999: Started a new Network Marketing business, again long-distance, and they were purchased by AT&T a short time later. In July of this year, I join the company that I would spend the next 13 years with. I also got back into acting for the next few years, doing a few projects for sci-fi channel, Days of Our Lives, and a few other things that came my way. 

2001: I reached a point in my health and nutrition MLM business where I had built a strong team and was making more in my business than I would in my future career. I quit college to focus on my business and acting. 

2006: I retire from actively building my business. The beauty of this business model is residual income, so it was paid retirement. I cut my product usage down to a few key products that I felt were good, but for the most part, the companies unwillingness to modify their products with science and medical advancement made me unable to continue to share the products or build the business with integrity. 

2013: I turn in my resignation to my company of 13 years. I am forever grateful to them. They do have some amazing products and that company was not an easy one to build so it gave me so many valuable tools. Resignation = No Check, but I resigned for a reason. In April of 2013, I started my current Network Marketing Business in the field of my passion, Health, and Nutrition. 

2017: Finally start TeriMcLean.com to share the insane amount of information I have soaked up over the last 18 years. From the thousands of books I have read, the courses I have taken, the lectures I have attended, the certifications I have completed, the seminars I’ve participated in, the events I go to, and personal trial and error in life. Oh yeah, and I got sucked into doing a little more acting. 😉

2018: I hope you join me to find out! 

Obviously, there is a lot in between the gaps, but that is what this blog is for, to share those times with you. Please make sure you connect with me on Facebook, I would love to get to know you and I would love for you to share your own experiences, lessons, and thoughts as well as ask any questions. I will be happy to do my best to answer them.

The better acquainted we get, the better value I can give you and that is my goal for this blog, to give you valuable actionable information that you can use. It is my hope that I can help you get from where you are to where you want to be in record time.

So please share this with anyone you think can benefit and you want to be on this journey with (it’s always more fun when there’s more than 1) and let’s go!

Make it a great day, you absolutely deserve it! – Teri McLean